Trident principals acquired a regional wholesale distribution company that had predictable revenues and cash flows, but had a limited product line. Trident recruited and expanded the management team that had product line experience and were complementary to the existing offerings. Trident also incentivized the executive team by developing an acquisition template and funding/supporting add-on acquisitions in other growing regional markets producing an IRR of over 25%.

Growth Equity

Trident principals invested in a technology developed in collaboration with a major Southeastern University. Trident was critical in setting the strategy to commercialize the technology. Furthermore, Trident successfully negotiated the sale of the business to a Fortune 500 Company for a return approaching six times our original investment in less than forty-eight months.

Succession Planning

Trident principals developed a twenty-four-month continuity plan for a multi-generational private enterprise involved in numerous businesses including industrial manufacturing. Trident was instrumental in assembling an accomplished management team, while investing in the enterprise. A successful transfer of authority and responsibility was achieved as well as a six-year annual growth rate (operating income) of over 18%.


Trident initially invested in a supplier to the transportation industry with the goal of significantly growing the Company’s top line revenue. Because of the substance of the Trident network, we were able to coordinate the introduction and execution of additional long term contacts with new global customers over a six-year period.

The additional revenues led to a successful sale of the supplier at an IRR of over 35%

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